Counting is for math - not trust

Nani & Tii..
"I cannot take this anymore, saying all the things I've said before
all this words they make no sense, I find bliss in ignorance
less I hear - the less you say, you’ll find out anyway"
(just like before..) SHUT UP! SHUT UP!
"Everything you say to me takes me one step closer to the edge
and I'm about to break!

ani, (you hurt me! why?)
I fucking counted on you!
I counted you in!
I counted on your voice, that you would speak for me! (like you used to)
But.. DON’T EVER COUNT ANYONE IN! (Where are the real you? Where have you gone?)
The voice I thought you spoke for me, turned up to be against me!
And the way you counted on me, rumors made into lies.. Twisted lies!
You counted on me!
I counted on you! (in vain)!
But it all turned up to be a mess! A big fat mess of misstakes..
and another lesson to be learned, number one 2012:
Counting is for math - not trust!

Nani, I used to love you ffs


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